OK, so this is the page that's supposed to make you fall asleep. Let's see how I do :)

My name is pronounced 'yeah-vah'. Eva or Eve is perfectly fine, don't bother with the last name. I am an aspiring photographer currently living in Winterpeg, Manitoba (Canada). I have my photography company 'Spark Light Studio', but there always seems to be something in my life (studies, family, immigration, indecision...) that prevents me from doing photography full time. Besides, I think that it is a bit silly name for a company, don't tell anyone. I do have a great passion for photography though, and the fact that I am a lousy businesswoman is not going to change this.

um... what else. I am shy. I created this website myself, it's not a template. I have a physics degree. I speak with an accent. I am always in love with somebody or something. Or pretend to be. I write a blog which even my mother doesn't read.


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